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Exam Review - Semester 1

by Anu J
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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 1000
Rob Heynen

COMN 1000 Exam Review – November 26 , 2012h - Specific questions - Know specific concepts as well as the broader themes - Go through the readings and summarize - Understand themes - Know the key theories and theories o Don’t need to know names and dates necessarily - “manageable” - Write in pen - Innis, mcluhan, hall Breakdown Total marks = 75 Part 1 True/False 13-15mks - be careful, may be tricky questions Part 2 MC 25mks Part 3 f-i-t-b / short answer 15mks - no word bank (probably) - no choice Part 4 2 short essay Qs 20mks - very specific questions - full sentences, no word limit/constraint - answer all aspects of the questions - no choice Course Overview - Themes o Markets o Politics o History o Identity, representation - Readings from textbook o Key terms at end of chapters o Pay attention to chapter subheadings and subcategories - Lecture outlines o Know all those categories - Outside readings o Know key points of all readings - Exam Review - Critical studies/perspectives of media - Media are social, implicated in society (economics/politics/culture/etc) - Culture o What is culture o What is mass media o What is mass communications o Models  Mass dissemination  Interactive o Modern society vs industrial/urban society o How media emerged  In Canada  Characteristics of Canada that make it distinct o Geography o Size  Size of Canada led to innovation  Need mass communication to cross boundaries o Linguistic/cultural diversity o Proximity to US - History of media o Oral  literate o Written  print o Literate e o Oral  Hierarchal  Conservative  Small scale  Memory-based o Literate  Written  Changing time and space  Empire  Abstract, linear though  Individuality, privacy o Electronic  Nonlinear  Instantaneous o Print – Anderson  Print capitalism  Print technologies and print products commoditized  Impact on religion  Print languages o Rise of e societies  Telegraph  Separates transportation from - Theories o Space binding vs time binding (McLuhan?)  Understand shifts o McLuhan – media is the message  E cultures as a global village - Theoretical approaches o Context  Social theory; looking at society  Models  Transmission vs cultural o Linear transmission – sender, receiver o Cultural model – understand cultural/social/political implications of messages  Idea of encoding and decoding messages (p93) o Stuart Hall’s idea o Different elements in it p93 o Primary definers  Institutions who are most able to define messages o Decoding types  Dominate  Negotiated  Oppositional  Intertextuality o Messages and me
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