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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 1000
David Skinner

Term Definition Agenda setting Process in which priorities are established, tends to refer to elite actors or media owners and managers using their influence to shape governments priorities Access to information Information collected by the government belongs to the crown and citizens must appeal to governments for access to information Promotional material written in editorial form and thinly Advertorials disguised as normal journalism (commonly found in newspapers and magazines) Audience commodity Audience is being sold for profit, through the use of advertisements such as commercials. Audience reach Audience share Auteur theory Assigns primary responsibility for a creative work to a clearly identified author and to the body of work produced by that author Characteristics of the Canadian state Complexity vs. reductionism Content analysis Quantitative research specified phrases and sentences etc to indicate the meaning or perspective A particular way of life, whether of a people, a group, or Culture humanity in general. From this perspective culture includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, customs, and any other capabilities required for a man in society Cultural theory Point of view that claims that human beings have choices in the development of technology in its shape its use the degree and manner in which to engage with it and ultimately it impacts society Demographics Population through the identification of characteristics of a given population Denotative/connotative Explicit communication in communication theory, words and messages are said to have both denotative and connotative meaning meaning. Research method that identifies communication theory, words and messages are said to have denotative/ connotative meaning Discourse Research methods that identifies communication patterns and convections in the production of meaning. Dominant ideology Set of ideas most commonly used to explain events in a given society, conventional wisdom or conventional explanations of phenomena that as taken by most people as unchallenged assumptions Efficiencies in costs that can be achieved via repetition of some Economies of scale aspects of the production and distribution processes and the elimination of other processes Effects research Method that seeks to identify the direct impacts of the media on human behaviour An early eighteenth century change in western European world Enlightenment view distinguished by an intellectual approach based on a scientific and rational perspective on the world, a fundamental shift in world view that championed science over religion, justice over the abuse of power and a social contract that specified individual rights and freedoms over the absolutist rule of kings and popes. Critical of the character of modern societies for the male Feminist media research domination of women that has led to profound human inequalities and injustices Frankfurt school School of thought led by the German Jewish men Max Horkheimer, Theodore Adorno and Herbert Marcuse, who argued that cultural life in modern times has been profoundly changed by the detrimental impact of capitalist methods of mass production Fourth estate The media refers to the role of the media in watching over the other powerful initiations in society Gate keeping Controlling access to media publication or broadcast and determines what gains access according to the identity or character of the m
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