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COMN 1000 - Final Exam Vocab.docx

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Communication Studies
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COMN 1000
David Skinner

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BBG Broadcasting Boards of Governors 1958 regulating system and initiating more cancon was later replaced by the CRTCCultural Imperialism Canadian state ensures that Canadian sovereignty over cultural expression in the belief that the commercialization of cultural would result in it Americanization and threaten Canadian culture and the bonds of nationhoodCrown Corporation Corporation established by the government Teleglobe Canada Air Canada Canadair DeHavillandCRTC guided by 4 principles transparency fairness predictability and timeliness regulates only where market competition does not meet the objectives of the Telecommunications Act 1Strengthen Canadian content regulations2Licensed global television network in SOntario backfired more channels less canconst3Licensed the 1 French network in Quebec4Reign in cable 31for every one Canadian channel you carry you will also carry 3 American channelssimultaneous program substitution CBC Financing CBC is financed by tax imported TV parts licensinga
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