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Communication Studies
COMN 2314
David Skinner

Silk Spectre IIDaughter of the first silk spectreSilk spectre inherited her identity from her mother who now acts as her agentHer mother designed her costumer and brought her to the first Crimebusters meetingShe has very liberal values and a strong sense of feminism likely due to her forced career choice and the rape of her motherWhile searching for a proper role model she found herself in a relationship with DrManhattan although she never felt as equals with him ch3pg9She later developed a strong relationship with Nite OwlFlaws1she has trouble dealing with personal problems and is closed minded specifically when she walks out on DrManhattan 2she also has a hard time seeing the bigger picture and focuses on smaller issues This also causes tension between othersWilling to take action when lives are at stakeRorschach Walter Kovacs Strives for justiceCan be defined as an antihero with his traditional heroic elements attachedAs a child his mother rejected him giving him a negative view of womenBecause of the gruesome murder of a young girls he becomes brutal and violent antiheroThis results in him using Rorscach as his main identity and throwing away everything that was walter kovacsFlaws1never compromised even in the face of Armageddon2Rorschach treats everything around him as very black and whiteThis creates an issue of being closed minded in certain situation as with DrManhattans agreeing with Ozymandias plan to reunite the world3Roschachs brutality towards criminals is often characteristic of a psychopath
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