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Communication Studies
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COMN 1000
David Skinner

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Communication Exam Outline 11/25/2013
Learn the model of communication diagram in the Skinner book
Mass Communication – This is the study of how individuals relay information through mass media to
a large amount of people at the same time
Iambic pentameter – Using rhythm and rhyme in literary texts to enhance memory
Global village – Communications and technology is making the world smaller
Agenda setting – This is the process by which priorities are established; where media owners and
managers use their influence to shape society’s priorities.
Access to information – This is the freedom of information of citizens of a country and how it
belongs to the government
Advertorials – This is the form of advertisement where information of a product is publicized in a
newspaper or journal in the form of an article
Audience commodity – This is the main product produced by media that earns their primary revenue
from advertisers
Auteur theory – This theory holds that a director’s film represents the director’s personal creative vision
Economies of Scale – Efficiencies in costs that could be achieved via repetition of aspects of
production and distribution.

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Communication Exam Outline 11/25/2013 Learn the model of communication diagram in the Skinner book Mass Communication – This is the study of how individuals relay information through mass media to  a large amount of people at the same time Iambic pentameter – Using rhythm and rhyme in literary texts to enhance memory Global village – Communications and technology is making the world smaller Agenda setting – This is the process by which priorities are established; where media owners and  managers use their influence to shape society’s priorities. Access to information – This is the freedom of information of citizens of a country and how it  belongs to the government Advertorials – This is the form of advertisement where information of a product is publicized in a  newspaper or journal in the form of an article Audience commodity – 
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