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COMN 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Semiotics

Communication Studies
Course Code
COMN 1000
Nick Skinner
Study Guide

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Communications Tutorial
Limited effects (pg 293)
Is an influence, not as direct or predictable
What influences it?
Where you live
What time period
Direct Effects
The idea of the creator/maker
Directly influences people’s behaviour
Cultural Effects (pg 303)
You decide what a message means/interpret it your own way
Related to the limited effect, but takes into account our own experiences
3 kinds of symbols
Icon: looks like the thing (photo, map)
Index: associated with its object (smoke, animal droppings)
Symbol: arbitrary/abstract relationship (language)
Structuralism, Semiotics, and Post-Structuralism: emphasis not on the personal, but on the larger
social context/structure (history)
Political Economy: emphasizes the ways in which political and economic forces enable ad
constrain the production, distribution and consumption of media messages
Discourse Analysis: focuses on how language, as a system of representation, provides us with a
particular perspective or position in the world
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