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CRIM 2650 Study Guide - Final Guide: General Strain Theory, Deterrence Theory, Labeling Theory

3 pages164 viewsWinter 2016

Course Code
CRIM 2650
Anita Lam
Study Guide

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CRIM 2650
December 3rd 2015
1) Midterm information and instructures
2) Midterm overview
3) Optional informal q&a
4) December 22nd - please remember to put name of tutorial leader and number
Midterm Overview
-What is the formal of the midterm?
-No multiple choice
-5 questions (3 short answer - 15 marks) (2 long answer - 35 marks)
-What does the midterm actually test?
-3 short answer questions define, describe, and/or explain: theories, differences/similari-
ties, underlying assumptions, assumptions, significance, connection to context) should be
no longer than a paragraph
-2 long answer (apply theory and develop policy implications)
What Material is NOT on the exam?
-From textbook
Collective efficacy
Acker’s social learning
Agnew’s general strain theory
Early control theories (Reiss and Nye)
Recless containment theory
Theories about the complexing of control (Hagan, Tittle, and Colvin)
Extending labelling theory: Sherman, Rose, and Clear
Textbook chapter on contemporary biosocial theories (please refer to lecture notes only)
-From CK
Garland and Sparks
• Katz
Material Covered on the Midterm
find more resources at
find more resources at
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