CRIM 2652 Study Guide - Final Guide: Summary Offence, Colt Official Police, Homicide

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21 Aug 2013

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[email protected] ca ross south 722 - office hours: thursdays 10:00-11:00am. Emphasises individual and procedural rights of the accused presumption of innocence. Goal of the justice system is to create fair justice of everyone, rather than to convict those accused of charges. Emphasis on controlling crime, protection of the public and rights of victims. Believes that criminal justice does not pay enough attention to victims. Criminal justice authorities should have as much power as necessary to prevent/stop the crime. Criminal justice system is filled with different stages and components. Example: a judge may feel a particular punishment is unworthy of the mandatory minimum, but the law of a mandatory minimum needing to be in place conflicts with the judge"s opinion. A correctional officer may have the conflict of attempting to keep order in the prison, along with rehabilitation of convicts. Competing interests: offenders, victims and communities, justice system. 1972: bail reform act codified reasons for keeping an accused in custody.