CRIM 2652 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Ford Focus, Canada, Criminal Law

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Legal definiton of crime and the administation criminal justice reflect and reproduce universally self shared social values. Focus on criminal acts and actions (not reactions) Clear distinction btw criminals and non criminals. Crimes are acts which are mala in se (wrong in themselves: ex. Murder is wrong: there are grey areas self defence, army, mental illness, victimless crimes, drugs, prostitution. Activities or behaviours are criminalized because of broader social, economic and poli factors. Unequal distribution of power and influence definitions of crime and the admin of criminal jus. Focus on behaviour of the criminal law and the process of law reform. Crimes are acts or activities which are mala prohibita (wrong because against law) No essential distinction btw criminals and non-criminals. Obtain fair justice and protect rights of accused. Concern to limit, guide and structure official discretion and powers: the end does not justify the means.

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