CRIM 2652 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: White-Collar Crime, Police Accountability, Due Process

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25 Mar 2014

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Consensus= what social groups have in common/ agree on. Conflict= different groups have varying access to power and wealth. The criminal justice process is like a funnel, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Early in the criminal justice process, there are many cases, but the number of cases dwindles as decision makers remove cases from the process. Some cases are dismissed, while others are referred for treatment. Fishing for certain fish it"s not so much that specific sorts of behaviours are being policed, but particular types of people are being targeted. Just as the fisherman does not cast his net randomly, neither do the police (brannigan, p. 98) Ideological circle the arrest and prosecution of certain types of crimes result in more fear and anxiety about those types of crimes and behaviours. Street crime comes to be seen as more of a social harm than white collar crime: public perceptions of cjs: