CRIM 2652 Midterm: Criminology 265 Test #1 review

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Canadians believe they know how the criminal justice system works (and have strong opinion on how it should work) There is a considerable gap between the public"s ideas of how the system works and how it actually works. Criminal justice in canada: involves a complex system of checks and balances in which responsibility for a criminal case is divided among many decision makers. Judges are guided by the principle of proportionality when imposing a sentence. This means they attempt to ensure that the severity of the sentence imposed reflects the seriousness of the crime committed (and the offender"s level of culpability). The justice system is complex because it must respond to a wide diversity of human behavior. The criminal justice system must be able to respond to cases of premeditated murder, minor acts of vandalism committed by bored teenagers , and all forms of offending between these two extremes.