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York University
CRIM 2653
Paul Baxter

Lincoln and Guba •€€€€€€€€ Research is of high quality if it has truth value, if it is generalizable to a certain degree, if it has consistency (similar methods are used and saimialr ways of data collection and analysis); neutrality. •€€€€€€€€ Truth value: we want our research and findings to be truthful. Is the methodology set up in such way that is truthful? We want to have confidence in the findings. Are these findings reflective of people's true experiences o every single time you are hitting the target of what you intednded to study and yo udo it repeatedly. Can be reliable but not valdi because you have good aim but you're not hitting the target. o Credibility for qual: IS THE RESEARCH ATRUE REFELCTION OF PEOPLE'S EXPERIENCES? o Credibility is established through truthful observations o Prolonged engagement could be used- persistent observation, you are engaged in research for a long period of time but longitudinal research isnt automatically prolonged because it may not involve engagement   Engaging in people's lives and persistently observing them Allows to get better sense of what people actually feel like o Triangulation: to ensure there is no biases involved (could be 3 different methodologies it could also be POVs by combining things it makes it more credible because we don't have biases) o Negative case analysis or deviant case analysis: where you specifically focus on things that are unusual or atypical and in order to assure you are credible you could acknowledge and … The opposite of what you think is happening happens Anything that is unusual If you want to know what the norms are, you have to go somewhere and break the norms and you will therefore know what is appropriate/not Sometimes in quant research (outliers) outlier = unusual thing o Qualitative research we call people participants because they are equally participating in the research Peer debriefing allows us to be reflexive (we go to other reseARCHERS ANDS we are getting confirmation fr. Other people who are experts in this
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