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York University
CRIM 2653
Paul Baxter

• 2 low income neighborhoods in NYC • Story telling is both negative and positive bc they could be authentic, myth or legends. • 2 types of storytelling: street smarts- which are stories of behaviours experienced/observed first hand that are used to illustrate skills at dealing w the array of risks associated with sex work. For ex: not coming in contact with cops when dealing drugs • 2 type of story-telling =urban myths : assume a distinctive story telling pattern so u depict a situation that is made familiar by a loose notion of network proximity such as friend of a friend tales. The validity of the facts are not relevant instead they convey beliefs and norms in a culture or subculture. Ex: women checking the back of their cars before getting in them • Overlap makes differentiation difficult • Urban myths impact daily lives • Urban myths are asserted to be true • Urban myths have the ability to produce policies around risk reduction practices ex of HIV and AIDS • Street smarts are stories that are driven by real life experiences of an individual or those of the immediate members of his or her social network • Street smarts are a compilation of lessons learn through experience • The images that emerge of women drug users who engage in sex work are harsh in particular who women who use crack cocaine : for ex crack whore and crack head • Stories of the crack whore appear throughout the literature despite variability, time, geography, and population. • The story of the crack whore fulfils a function for women the crack whore caricature exists as a symbol of the worst that can be experienced. Women want to distance themselves from that image. • In depth life-history interviews were conducted with 28 women who used drugs from 2 low income neighborhoods. All women were interviewed over a span of 9 months. • Informed consent – each women was advised of the voluntary and anonymous nature of study • The questions were asked if they can be audiotaped and to protect the data- confidentiality • They could decline questions that were too sensitive • The women who were recruited from out of treatment settings through a varitety of methods including street recruitments snowball sampling. White latino and black. • Purposive sampling was conducted • Semi-structued interview guide • 60-90 mins interviews and interviewees were given cash for their time • Participant observati
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