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ECON 1000

NATS 1510 – History of the Environment This course looks at the history of human impact on the environment through the lens of technology and science. It is posited that technology has magnified our impact on the environment, both in scale and in scope (e.g. the magnitude of impact and new kinds of impacts – e.g. new technologies). On one end of the spectrum, science has contributed to creating new materials (e.g. plastic) that are harmful to the environment, but science is also our primary tool to determine how we are damaging the environment, and possibly how to fix it. Thus science and technology both hinder and help the environment. We will look closely at the claim that the tendency of science and technology to be appropriated by business and government undermines the ability of environmentalists to enact positive change. The course will consider examples of human interaction with the environment (so-called anthropogenic impacts) from the earliest of human civilizations to present day. Course Instructor Dr. Ian Slater, Rm 304 Bethune College, 416-650-8278, [email protected] Course website: Lecture: Tuesdays 19:00-22:00, Lassonde B Office Hours: Thursday 12-1or after lecture. Required Texts NATS 1510 3.0 - Course Reader Notes on Submission of Materials and Deadlines A. If you have question about the course, or an assignment to submit, please do so in class or during my office hours, Thursday at noon, not by phone or email. I will generally not respond to either phone messages or emails, however, if I am in my office I will always pick up the phone. B. Note: if you know you will be missing many classes, please do not register in this course. C. Deadlines in this class are tight, it is 13 weeks long, so extensions will not be granted, there’s generally not enough time. You are allowed one week gratis, after that the assignment will not be accepted.All assignments must be in print form. There will be a drop box outside of room 218 Bethune College to submit the assignments. If you can’t make a due date you must discuss it with me before the assignment is due. D.All submissions to the class must have your name, student number, course code and date on them. Assignments missing these components will be discarded. Evaluation 1. Reading Summary and Critique (5 pages): 10% 2. Research Note (5 pages): 10% 3. Short Report (8 pages): 20% 4. Biweekly Quizzes (5) - 20% (4% each) 4. Final Exam: 40% 1. The reading summary and critique involves picking one of three readings (Martin, Kirsch or Ogden), summarizing it then critiquing it. 5 pages. 2. The research note involves finding an environmental topic or controversy, then finding sources relating to that top
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