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ECON 1000
Ardeshir Noordeh

Lecture 1Midterm is worth 30 multiple choice final exam 30 50 questions 30 for presentations and 10 for attendanceTA Email GengvranayorkucaJohnny Cleg Suggested that we call came from Africa and wrote a song about this topic called scatterlingsWe all come from a tribe and each tribe specializes at somethingEg running academics etcoMay find that certain tribes of different people from different parts of the world there are inbreeds that amplify mutationsSome groups thus will be more prone to certain problems that others difficulty adapting to their conditions due to mosquitoes SIV monkey aids monkey pox related to chicken pox as examplesBiological Self Evolutionary and Ecological InfluencesmDNA mitochondrial DNA maternal DNA suggests that we all come from African tribesoWithout the cerebellum we would not be able to stand up on two legsoAustralopithecus was the first human that emerged from the evolutionary tree as a subdivision of monkeysoHuman brain reached its size 30 000 years agoIn the biological aspect of the brain we are agreeing with DarwinoHe did observations in the Galapagos islands and came up with his theoryTheory of MindoHomo Sapiens Neanderthal HumanBrain capacity of 1200 cc the brain we currently have and use for medical advances evil and explorationMeat made us who were but meat is also killing us earlyNeanderthals had same sized brain as Homo sapiens but they did not have a developed language as the latter didThey were more physically fit but were not as intelligentAs a result Neanderthals were killed off by Homo Sapiens oHomo Erectus 1 million years BonoboPigmy ChimpBrain size was 1000 ccAble to travel bipedal oHomo Habilis 2 million years ChimpanzeeThe brain at this point is 800 ccThis creature has a greater capacity for intelligenceHad the ability to make tools had opposable thumbs and were able to stand erectAllowed them to travel out of Africa and into the United StatesoAustralopithecus 25 million OrangutanoAfricanus 3 million years GorillaHad the brain capacity of a chimpanzee 400 ccThere is a lot of information in this sized brain however for one we already know how to killThis ability to kill comes into play when we deal with gangs and other unwanted groupsoArdi 45 million years BaboonoProtoHuman Apelike RhesusoIDA 47 million years LeemurTheory of mind is our ability to live in a group who to show respect to and other scriptsAs we go up the phylogenic scale our brains get bigger and we are able to read ourselves and other peopleoBut where does a child with autism fit They do not know themselves or others they do not know I or myMain ArgumentOntogenyDevelopmentoDevelopment and evolution mimics the development of a fetusoWhen the fetus develops it mimics are own human evolutionoGould StevenLectured on human evolution and the biological basis on human qualityoTommy Douglas created social medicine in Canada Was eugenics minded and believed we had to get rid of inferior peopleThere is some benefit to lessening the misery of certain disabled people but is it beneficial to allThere is a crucial link between the fearful face and the human smileIf one smiles it suggests to others that smiling to others means Im not a threatWe have rage centers ceptal rage and amygdala rangepart of the limbic system which existed when prior to becoming humanNeed to retreat to the 400cc brain every once in a while to determine certain human factorsIn countries that circumcise there are less incidences of AIDSTeratologyDiseasesHaplotypesoDiseases that come from a certain tribeand we all carry the mutations that no one is immune tooEach group has its own disordersoEven ones propensity for obesity can come from our tribeoThe thrift gene is that when there is decreased food the body will make more fat as a result of the geneAutosomal dominant disorders Turners XO Klinefelders XXY XXX XYYRecessive diroders Tay sachs sickle cell spina bifidaConsanguous relationsViruses VD EBV Measles Borna BVD TGondeii
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