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Rebecca Jubis

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AP/ECON1010T: Introduction to Macroeconomics Information on Final Exam Instructor: Prof. Xueda Song March 26, 2012 1. The final exam is scheduled for 2-4pm on April 13, 2012 Friday in REXALL CENTRE (Tennis Canada). Please arrive at the exam location 15 minutes in advance. You must sit in the area designated for ECON1010T (with lecture time of 11:30am- 2:30pm on Tuesdays). 2. You must bring a photo ID for the exam. You will be required to sign your name on the class list at the beginning of the exam. You do not need to sign out. 3. Before leaving the classroom, you must hand in separately both the exam paper and the scantron. On both the exam paper and the scantron, you must write down your name and student ID. You must fill in the bubbles for your student ID on the scantron. 4. Please bring pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, and calculator to the exam. The exam is a closed- book exam. You are not allowed to use anything else in the exam, such as textbook, slides, notes, review sheet, dictionary, or draft paper. Cell phones must be turned off. 5. The final exam covers chapters 24, 26, 28, 29, 30. Please note that the exam is NOT cumulative and will NOT cover chapters 25 and 27 which were skipped in class. The following topics were also skipped and will NOT be covered in final exam:  Chapter 24: skipped "Mathematical Note" on pp. 586-587.  Chapter 26: skipped "Macroeconomic Schools of Thought" on pp. 640-641.  Chapter 30: skipped "Alternative Monetary Policy Strategies" on pp. 747-749. 6. The final exam includes 45 multiple choice questions with a total mark of 45. The weight of the final exam is 40%. Please check whether your exam paper is complete before you start. You should choose the best choice from the given choices for each question. You must put all your answers on the provided scantron. Your grade will be based on your scantron only. 7. You are not allowed to communicate with each other in any ways during the exam. If you have any questions about the exam, please raise your hand and talk with the instructor or invigilators. Any cheating behavior regarding the exam will result in zero grade for the exam. 8. Unofficial grade report will be posted on Moodle once it becomes available, at least one week after the final exam. You will have a chance to review your exam paper and scantron at a date and time to be announced later on Moodle. 9. If there is any interruption to the exam such as fire alarm, you must take all your personal belongings, leave your exam paper and scantron on the table, and then leave the building. Everyone must wait in the designated area and cannot leave without instructor’s permission. You are not allowed to communicate with each other in any ways during the interruption. Any cheating behavior regarding the exam during the interruption will result in zero grade for the exam. Normally after waiting for 45 minutes, if the exam 1 cannot be resumed, the exam will be rescheduled, or reallocated conditional on space availability. 10. If you are not able to write the final exam at the scheduled time due to religious reason, you must submit a filled out Religious Accommodation Form to Economics Undergraduate Office (1144 Vari Hall) before April 13, 2012. The make-up exam is scheduled for 9-11am on April 19, 2012 Thursday at HNE037 Health, Nursing, and Environmental Studies Building. If you miss the April 13, 2012 deadline, you should then apply for deferred standing with details listed below. 11. Information on deferred standing: I follow Department of Economics Guidelines for Deferred Standing (please see attached below and read carefully). If you miss the final exam with both valid reason and required documentation, you can apply for deferred standing. You must complete a Final Exam/Assignment Deferred
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