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ECON 1540
Eytan Lasry

NAME:_____________ANSWERS__________________ STUDENT #:___________________________ 1 FACULTY OF PURE & APPLIED SCIENCE SC/BIOL 3155 3.0 - VIROLOGY MIDTERM TEST #2 (W10) March 4, 201088 INSTRUCTIONS: (1) Fill in your NAME and STUDENT # on ALL 5 pages of this Test booklet & the Scantron Sheet. (2) Multiple choice questions have only ONE (1) CORRECT answer. Fill in answer on the Scantron Sheetupplied – only the scantron sheet will be marked. (3) The test is divided into 3 Sections. Section I Multiple choice 10 marks (1 mark per question) Section II Written answers 15 marks Total marks: 25 Section III Bonus question 1 marks (4) Answer ALL questions. (5) No calculators are permitted. (6) Total time: 80 mins (7) Hand in your Entire Test Booklet and Scantron Sheet - missing page(s) will receive zero. GOOD LUCK! NAME:_____________ANSWERS__________________ STUDENT #:___________________________ 2 SECTION I: Answer all questions 1 - 10 in this section on the SCANTRON SHEET (1) Which combination of proteins is directly involved in excision of phage lambda prophage? A. IHF, Xis, attB B. IHF, Xis, attL C. IHF, Int, P D. CI, IHF E. IHF, Xis, Int F. IHF, Int, CII G. Int, Xis H. none of the answers above is correct (2) In phage lambda, the switch from lysogenic to lytic program does not involve? A. Xis B. ultraviolet light C. prophage excision D. RecA cleaving CI E. excision repair F. damaged DNA G. cellular proteins H. none of the answers above is correct ® (3) Gardasil protects against these two types of papillomavirus that are not associated with cervical cancer. A. 6, 8 B. 8, 11 C. 16, 18 D. 6, 11 E. 16, 11 F. 16, 31 G. 11, 16 H. none of the answers above is correct (4) Which of the following statements about papillomaviruses is false? A. have T = 7 capsids B. viral genome interacts with histones C. use cellular polymerases for both genome replication and mRNA transcription D. can cause skin cancer E. always encode E3 protein F. during infections, plasmid replication occurs before vegetative replication G. expression of L1 and L2 involves RNA splicing H. none of the answers above is false (5) Which of the following is a correct match with respect to herpes simplex virus? A. beta (β) subfamily • mononucleosis B. b’ a’n c’ • is the correct consecutive order for these regions C. fusion protein • gD D. capsid • T = 14 E. total number of allelesin both b and b‘ combined • 4 F. number of different proteins in the tegument • 24 G. gD • Heparan sulfate H. none of the matches above is correct NAME:_____________ANSWERS__________________ STUDENT #:___________________________ 3 (6) In herpes simpex virus, the viral DdRp activity corresponds to which protein? A. UL29 B. UL30 C. UL42 D. UL9 E. UL41 F. UL16 G. VP16 H. none of the answers above is correct (7) Which of the following statements about flaviviruses is correct? A. the fusion peptide is present in Domain II B. during fusion a trimer to dimer transition occurs C. the C protein is cleaved off into the lumen of the ER D. Hepacivirus contains a 5’ cap structure E. E protein projects far out from the surface of the particle F. the envelope proteins are E and NS1 G. ancC binds to E protein to inhibit premature membrane fusion H. none of the answers above is correct (8) Which of the following is a correct match with respect to flaviviruses? A. West Nile virus• prototype of the Flavivirus genus B. signal peptidase• cleaves at the N-terminus of NS1 protein C. furin• cleaves non-structural proteins D. NS2B-NS3 • releases E protein E. signal peptidase• cleaves prM to generate the N-terminus of M protein F. signal peptidase• viral protease G. NS2B-NS3 • cellular protease H. none of the answers above is correct matchs (9) What is the correct consecutive order of the togavirus structural proteins? A. (N-terminus) C – E2 – E3 – 6K – E1 (C-terminus) B. (C-terminus) C – E1 – E3 – 6K – E2 (N-terminus) C. (N-terminus) C – E2 – 6K – E3 – E1 (N-terminus) D. (N-terminus) E1 – E2 – E3 – 6K – C (C-terminus) E. (N-terminus) C – E3 – E1 – 6K – E2 (C-terminus) F. (N-terminus) C – E3 – E2 – 6K – E1 (C-terminus) G. (N-terminus) C – E2 – E1 – 6K – E3 (C-terminus) H. none
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