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York University Department of Economics APEcon 2400 30Intermediate Macroeconomics I Summer 2012Midterm Exam Version BINSTRUCTORMay2012 P r o f e s s o r HT a mNAME Please PrintStudent Number Signature TIME ALLOWED 2 hoursINSTRUCTIONS There are three parts of the exam Part I consists of 10 multiplechoice questions Each MC question is worth 3 points Part I is worth 30 points Answer all questions in this part by circling the appropriate choice Circle only 1 choice per question You do not need to show your works in this part and points are only awarded for the correct choice Part II consists of 2 discussionexplanation questions The total of Part II is 20 points Part III consists of 2 problemsolvinganalytical questions The total of Part III is 50 points Answer the questions in the space provided If you need more space there are extra pages at the end that you could use Answer all questions You need to show your explanations and works in order to earn points in Part II and Part III Write legibly Illegible writing and unclear explanation will not be awarded points Make sure to enter your name student number and sign your exam paper NotesIn all of the questions unless otherwise noted assume the consumption function is insensitive to the real interest rateRough Work 1
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