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Barbie girls vs sea monsters 2.docx

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ECON 4059

Barbie girls vs sea monsters by messnerTwo groups of 4 to 5 year olds preschoolers are in their colourcoded uniforms and waiting for the start of their very first soccer game One is an all girls group which has choose the name of Barbie Girl while the adjacent team queuing in the field is an all boys team by the name of Sea Monsters Both teams are equipped with their banners but the girls team had another symbol their own team float which is none other than a rotating Barbie fitted with a boom box playing music It started with just four or five girls but soon a group of girls had gathered around the float holding hands and singing the Barbie song together The Sea Monsters gradually took notice and as sudden as the fun started they collectively started to yell No Barbie No Barbie No Barbieand invade the girls spaceThis is a chanced observation of a magnify moment by Messner at the American Youth Soccer League AYSO seasons opening ceremony which sets the basis for his analysis and this article on how children are constructing gender Messner delved on 3 different levels that are interrelated in many ways His analysis at the first level shows that the children are performing or doing gender through the Barbie Girls feminine activity and the Sea Monsters response to them This is in turn reinforced at the structural level by the adults who give their stamp of approval and relegating the differences to be inherent in their children The third dimension is seen from the cultural context where children are immersed in popular culture and creates their ideal team names in a way that reflects their preconceived notions of gender derived from popular cultureThe fist level of analysis is the interactional level which is in the form of the children performing gender Firstly this is seen
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