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ECON 2680 - Midterm Questions

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ECON 4059
Simin Seury

York University (Glendon campus) GL/ECONY 2680 : Modern Economic History: ACanadian Perspective Midterm Exam GL/ECON Y2680 (Full Year2011-12) Course Director: Simin Seury Time: 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes), Total Marks: 100 . Please write your full name and ID and insert this question inside your booklet when you are submitting your answers. Do NOT remove any page fromtheexam booklets (Last Name) (First Name) ID: No. of Questionsanswered: Part A: Essay Questions (please answer both) (2*30 =60 marks) (1) Compare and contrast Canada under French rule (1534–1763 approx) vs. Canada under British rule ((1763–1867 approx) regardingthefollowing: (i) structure of Colonial Government, (ii) strategy of native alliances, (iii) role of church, (iv) settlement and (v) immigration (please use sub-headings for each topics in your discussion). (2) Critically evaluate how(a) staple products, (b) development of socialpolicy and (c) rise of capitalism strengthened or weakened the role of the state as an agent of economic development between 1867 and 1918 (please use sub-headings for each topics). Part B:ShortQuestions (Answerany four) (4*10 = 40 marks) (3) By the late 1800s, there seemed to be a difference of opinion in the United States and Canada regarding treaty making. Provide at least two examples/reasons to illustrate the difference of opinion between Canada and USA regarding atreaty. (4) Provide example of any significant change in land (tenure) system and roleof church duringtheyears preceding Confederation. (5) State few examples/incidences to illustrate the nature of disagreement between majority of French Canadians and majority of British Canadians regardingthepurpose of the Union. (6) Statethemain reasons for out migration (between Canada and USA) during 1871 to 1901. (7) State few examples/incidences to explain how the nature of fragmented federal system in Canada affected our fiscal policy in Dominion of Canada. (8) Provide examplesto relatetheearly development of railways with fixed capitalformation in Canada. York University (Glendon campus) GL/ECONY 2680 : Modern Economic History: ACanadian Perspective
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