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Part I: [40] Each Question is worth 2 point 1. ________ are raw facts that are not organized to convey any specific meaning. a. Data b. Input c. Knowledge d. Information 2. In CBIS, _____ is a set of policies, methods and rules for using CBIS. a. Hardware b. Software c. Procedures d. Networks 3. An information system consists of: 1) input; 2) processing; 3) output; 4) feedback a. 1) and 3) b. 2) and 3) c. 1), 2), and 3) d. 1), 2), 3), and 4) 4. The list of the names of the students in alphabetic order who received marks higher than 80 is the example of: a. Data b. Information c. Input d. Knowledge 5. In an organizational database social insurance number of an employee is considered as a. Alphanumeric data b. Numeric data c. Image data d. Audio data 6. Machine cycle consists of the following steps: 1) search; 2) fetch; 3) decode; 4) execute; 5) transfer; 6) store. a. 1), 2), 3), and 4) b. 2), 3), 4), and 5) c. 2), 3), 4), and 6) d. 1), 2), 3), 4), and 5) 7. Data stored in secondary storage is retrieved based on 1) sequential data access method; 2) direct data access method; 3) indexed-sequential data access method. a. 2) b. 1) and 2) c. 1), 2), and 3) d. 2) and 3) 8. A computer platform is a particular configuration of 1) RAM; 2) OS; 3) hardware configuration; 4) application software a. 1), 2), and 4) b. 1) and 2) c. 2), 3), and 4) d. 2) and 3) 9. The form of process management when different parts of the program are executed at the same time is called_____. a. Multiprocessing b. Multitasking c. Multithreading d. Time-sharing 10. Open systems concept refers to a compatibility of information systems on 1) hardware level; 2) software level; 3) conceptual level a. 1) b. 2) c. 1) and 2) d. 1), 2) and 3) 11. Procedural programming languages are characterized by: 1) each statement is converted into a sequence of basic CPU instructions; 2) describe the way how to obtain output; 3) do not require translators a. 1), 2), and 3) b. 1) and 2) c. 2) and 3) d. 1) and 3) 12. In relational database model the degree of a relationship set is defined by the number of: a. Records in one relation; b. Number of attributes belonging to an entity class; c. Number of common attributes of participating entity classes; d. Number of participating entity classes. 13. A DBMS is considered as: a. Proprietary application software; b. System control software; c. System support software; d. Off-the-shelf application software; 14. In object data model objects are categorized into _____ a. Types b. Attributes c. Properties d. Literals 15. In Industrial Age, majority of workers are ________ , main partnership is between _______ , and principal tool is _________ a. Farmers, people and machines, hardware b. Factory workers, people and machines, machines c. Knowledge workers, people and people, information technology d. Farmers, people and land, hand tools 16. M. Porter proposed a model describing factors forcing organizations to attain competitive advantage. One of them is______: a. Altering industry structure; b. Thread of new entrants; c. Eliminating product and services; d. Rightsizing 17. (not included) A company that is allowed to provide such service as wireless, satellite or cable telecommunications is called _______: a. Local exchange carrier; b. Private branch exchange; c. Competitive local exchange carrier; d. Long-distance carrier 18. When using a typical telephone line to transmit a digital data, a ________ must be used: a. Demodulizer; b. Light emitted diode; c. Firewall; d. Modem 19. Operating System that supports thousands of simultaneou
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