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EDUC 3310
Peter Modir

The Work of Questions The teachers best technology and the students best eventDeborah Britzman Distinguished Research Professor York UniversityQuestions can beinteresting maddening stupefying pleasurable funny unanswerable critical angry dangerous playful predicable thoughtful surprising ironic artful inconceivable insulting moralistic boring terrifying laughable emotional unforgettable nave amazing surprising invasive intelligent dreary popular polarizing clarifying helpful challenging personal healing and confusing and ridiculous They may ask for first impressions second thoughts and thoughts one would have never imagined Questions can invite personal experiences associations suppositions and debates against them They may ask that we advocate for our beliefs or explain their origins or entertain an idea that belongs to othersThey can invite more questions They may ask us to imagine fantasize try on new ideas tear apart old ideas raise our disagreements doubt something we care about and invite us to agree They can ask us to question our perspectives or imagine those that are not ours Questions can ask about choices or ask one to make a choice They can ask for explanations or discussion about places in the text where meaning gets lost or loses our interestQuestions are the bare material of education and of life and ask What do you thinkBut imagine an education with no questions or one that forbids their asking More typically imagine that the only question
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