EECS 1520 Final: Exam-Review

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EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
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Hardware the physical elements of a computing system. Software the programs that provide instructions for a computer to execute. Data the information in a form a computer can use. Abstraction: a mental model that removes complex details. Edvac electronic discrete variable automatic computer; first machine with store program. Parallel computing: computers rely on interconnected central processing units that increase processing speeds. Networking with the ethernet small computers could be connected and share resources. A file server (cid:272)o(cid:374)(cid:374)e(cid:272)ted pcs i(cid:374) the late (cid:1005)(cid:1013)(cid:1012)(cid:1004)(cid:859)s. Systems software: utility programs, language translators, and the operating system, which decides which program to run and when. New application software for users: spreadsheets, word processors, database management systems. File system: the logical view that an operating system provides so that users can manage information as a collection of files. Text file: a file in which the bytes of data are organized as characters from ascii or unicode character sets.