EECS 1520 Study Guide - Pulse-Code Modulation, Octal, Mimd

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EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
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Hardware: physical features of a computer (chips, monitors, printers) Software: programs providing instructions that a computer executes. Early history (1600 bc 1950) [abacus, engine, Second generation (1959 1965) [high level languages, Number: unit of math system subject to laws of arithmetic. *natural numbers are focused on in this chapter. Base: the value of a number system that specifies the number of digit positions (from 0 until one less than the base) Positional notation: a way of expressing numbers in a series; in which each position of a digit has a place value, and the number is equal to the product of each digit by its place value (depends on base) Binary digit (bit): a digit in binary number system; 0 or 1. Word: a group of one or more bytes; describes word length of computers. Information: data organized & processed to help solve problems. Information layer the language of computer systems.

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