EECS 1520 Study Guide - Final Guide: Html, Floppy Disk, Herman Hollerith

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EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
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If the binary fractional numbers 1001. 111 and 11. 111 are added the result as a decimal fraction is: +13 1/4, +13 3/4. Sample final examination: using 8 bits to store a floating point number with the leftmost bit as the sign bit and the next 3 bits as excess notation for the exponent, the pattern 11101101 represents, (1 1/2) C: interactive processing cycle information processing cycle input devices. E. the machine instructions are simpler: these show the results of processing operations, application devices, execution devices. Sample final examination: cd-rom drives are, random-access storage devices, read/write media, read-only, write-only, mass storage devices provide this type of storage for programs and data, flexible, nonvolatile. This type of storage would be termed: direct-read, random-access, read/write, sequential. Sample final examination: when a floppy disk is formatted for use the circular magnetic bands are called, arms, clusters. Alumni into a link: alumni/graduates/alumni. htmalumnialumnialumni