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EECS-3421A test1-f2016Exam

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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EECS 3421
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2016 October 12 EECS-3421a: Test #1 1 of 14
EECS-3421a: Test #1
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Lassonde School of Engineering
York University
Family Name:
Given Name:
EECS Account:
Instructor: Parke Godfrey
Exam Duration: 75 minutes
Term: Fall 2016
Should you feel a question needs an assumption to be able to answer it, write the assumptions
you need along with your answer.
If you need more room to write an answer, indicate where you are continuing the answer.
For multiple choice questions, choose one best answer for each of the following. There is no
negative penalty for a wrong answer.
For schema, the underlined attributes indicate a table’s primary key (and are, hence, not
nullable). Attributes appended with “” are not nullable. Foreign keys are indicated by FK.
The number of points a given question is worth is marked; it is worth one point, if not marked.
There are five major parts worth 10 points each, for 50 points in total.
Marking Box
1. /10
2. /10
3. /10
4. /10
5. /10
Total /50

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2016 October 12 EECS-3421a: Test #1 2 of 14
1. [10pt] Entity/Relationship Modelling. With modelling, you pose. Exercise
Requirements for the NSFW Database.
The Nova Scotia Forestry Works (NSFW) oversees logging1of trees in the province. They
have commissioned you to do an E/R design for a database to help them track logging.
There are two types of entities that register with the NSFW: logging companies that intend
to log in Nova Scotia; and owners who own forested plots of land that are zoned for logging.
For a company to log, or for an owner to “sell” logging rights on a plot or his or hers, each
needs to be licensed by the NSFW. A licensee is assigned a unique licence# by the NSFW,
has an issued date, and has an address (either the company’s address or the owner’s address,
depending). For an owner, we are to keep additionally the owner’s name. For a company, we
are to keep additionally the title of the company (essentially, its name, but the NSFW wants
this called “title”) and the year that it was founded.
Aplot of land is a forested area that is zoned for logging. It is identified by a unique plot#
and we record (exactly) one owner of the plot.
The NSFW keeps track of types of trees—e.g., oak, maple, pine, and spruce—that are available
for logging. Each type is identified by a type name and has a description (desc). For each
type in a plot, we record an estimate of the number of trees of that type contained on the plot
and an estimate of the tonnage of wood of that type (that is, how much wood there would
be if we logged all the trees of that type from the plot).
A company may enter a contract with an owner to log a specific type of tree from a given plot
of that owner’s. We should ensure that the plot is known to contain that type of tree in order
to create a contract. The contract should record a logging fee (a base fee for the contract), a
quota (which is the annual maximum tonnage amount that the company is allowed to log of
that type of tree on that plot), and a rate (the cost per tonnage that they log).
NSFW keeps track per month—that is, a given month in a given year—for each contract the
haul; that is, the tonnage of wood of that type that the company logged from the plot in that
a. [2pt] We want to be able to check in the database whether the amount that a company
has logged annually in a plot for a given type of tree is more than the quota that its
contract allows.
Should we add to our design an attribute annual tonnage (wherever we placed quota) to
accommodate this?
Why or why not?
1logging. The cutting down (harvesting) of trees for commercial use.

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2016 October 12 EECS-3421a: Test #1 3 of 14
b. [8pt] Design an E/R diagram capturing the requirements for the NSFW database.
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