Test 1 part D

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
Heather Jenkins

Part D [5 points] The following schemas describe relations in the sample database in CS:I. A) Movie (MovieId:key, Title, Genre, Rating) B) Customer (CustomerId:key, Name, Address, CreditCardNumber) C) Rents (CustomerId, MovieId, DateRented, DateDue) D) NEW ← SELECT from MOVIE where RATING = “PG” E) PGmovies ← PROJECT MovieId, Title from NEW F) TEMP1 ← JOIN CUSTOMER and RENTS where CUSTOMER.CustomerId = RENTS.CustomerId G) RENTALS ← PROJECT Name, Address, MovieId from TEMP1 H) PGrenters ← JOIN RENTALS and PGmovies where RENTALS.MovieId = PGmovies.MovieId For each relation below, select its schema from the list above. _____B CustomerId Name Address CreditCardNumber 101 Dennis Cook 789 Main 993726762357 102 Doug Nickle 456 Second 632783087764 103 Randy Wolf 12 Elm 854072657547 104 Amy Stevens Yellow Brick Road 184585788722 105 Susan Klaton 654 Lois Lane 537212603203 106 Dale Evans 987 Broadway 053118262075 107 Chris Stein 1010 Abbey Road 862175961142 _____C CustomerId MovieId DateRented DateDue
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