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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
Heather Jenkins

Part A [10 points] Write the LETTER(s) of the best Description in the blank beside each Term. Terms 1) Context switch ____i 2) Frame ____j 3) Logical address ____aa 4) Page-map table ____d 5) Physical address ____a 6) Process ____g 7) System software ____x - award ½ point for y 8) Time sharing ____ag 9) Turnaround time ____h 10) Virtual memory ____m Descriptions a) Actual address in main memory b) Conceptual stages of a process c) Data structure to keep track of information about processes d) Data structure to keep track of page/frame relationships e) Delay between stimulus and response f) Determines which process may execute g) Dynamic representation of an executing program h) Elapsed time from process start to completion i) Exchange of register information when a process is removed in favour of another j) Fixed-size area of memory containing part of a program k) Fixed-size portion of program l) Illusion that each user has a dedicated computer m) Illusion that there is no restriction on program size n) Inefficient processing caused by loading and unloading parts of a program o) Keeps track of information fo
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