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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
John Hofbauer

CSE1520 Sample Final Examination For each question select the best answer and code it on the Scantron Sheet. 1. Charles Babbage created both the Analytical Engine and the: A. Card Reader Engine B. Difference Engine C. Digital Processing Engine D. Internal Combustion Engine E. Search Engine 2. This person played a key role in formulating the notion of programming the Analytical Engine to perform different functions. A. Ada Byron B. Blaise Pascal C. Herman Hollerith D. Lord Byron E. Rene Descartes 3. Hexadecimal numbers use these symbols: A. 0 through 9 and A through F B. 1 through 9 and A through G C. 0 through 10 and A through E D. 0 through 15 E. 0 through 16 4. Using an 8-bit 2’s complement representation, the decimal integer –101 has a bit pattern A. 01011100 B. 10011011 C. 11000111 D. 11100101 E. 11101100 5. The decimal equivalent of 01101010 interpreted as a 2’s complement number is A. 22 B. 86 C. 106 – D. 110 E. 150 6. If the binary fractional numbers 1001.111 and 11.111 are added the result as a decimal fraction is A. +13 1/4 B. +13 3/4 C. 13 1/4 D. -13 3/4 E. none of the above Page 1 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 7. Using 8 bits to store a floating point number with the leftmost bit as the sign bit and the next 3 –its as excess notation for the exponent, the pattern 11101101 represents: A. (1 1/2) B. –(3 ¼) C. –(3 ¾) – D. (7 15/16) E. +(3 5/8) 8. Using 8 bits to store a floating point number with the leftmost bit as the sign bit and the next 3 bits as excess notation for the exponent, which of the following is the best approximation to the value of one tenth (1/10)? A. 00101000 B. 00111000 C. 01100110 D. 10101000 E. 11000110 9. If the hexadecimal number 4C represents the letter L in the ASCII table what letter is represented by the hexadecimal 49? A. H Note to self: B. I C = 12 … H I J K L C. J 40+12 = D. K 52 3 letters back E. N 52 – 49 = from L is I. 10. How many different things can be represented with five bits? A. 5 B. 10 C. 31 D. 32 E. 33 11. Using Excess 256 notation, what proportion of the resulting bit patterns can be used to represent only negative values? A. 1/2 B. 1/4 C. 1/8 D. 1/10 E. none of the above 12. The four operations of the computer are called the: A. computer network B. information processing cycle C. input devices D. interactive processing cycle Page 2 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 13. This enables people and machines to solve problems without requiring a lot of intelligence or skill. A. algorithm B. attribute C. memory D. program 14. This is more technologically advanced than computer hardware. A. CPU B. memory C. pipeline D. software 15. Access to main memory is much faster than access to mass storage because A. access is purely electronic B. disk drives tend to overheat C. none of the above D. of bus design issues E. the machine instructions are simpler 16. These show the results of processing operations. A. application devices B. execution devices C. information devices D. output devices 17. Formatting a disk determines the exact size of A. all of the above B. files C. folders D. logical records E. sectors 18. This is a collection of computers connected together so that they can exchange data. A. infrastructure B. multiuser C. network D. terminal 19. All the programs that help the computer to function properly are included in __________ software. A. application B. operation C. shell D. system Page 3 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 20. In interactive processing, these are used to give commands to the computer and to respond to the computer’s messages. A. input devices B. output devices C. processing devices D. storage devices 21. An antivirus program is an example of a(n): A. kernel component B. operating system C. shell program D. utility program 22. This software enables a user to request a specific resource from the server. A. client B. gateway C. router D. schema E. server 23. The basic unit of information in a computer is the: A. bit B. bite C. character D. flip-flop E. two 24. Which of the following terms is NOT used to describe rapid data transfer rates? A. digibits per second B. gigabits per second C. kilobits per second D. megabits per second 25. This stores the programs and data that you are working with and is the computer’s most important type of memory. A. cache B. L3 C. random access memory D. registry 26. This processing technique feeds a new instruction into the CPU at every step of the processing cycle so that more than one instruction are worked on simultaneously. A. benchmarking B. heat sinking C. hot swapping D. pipelining Page 4 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 27. CD-ROM drives are: A. random-access storage devices B. read/write media C. read-only D. write-only 28. Mass storage devices provide this type of storage for programs and data. A. flexible B. nonvolatile C. temporary D. volatile 29. Programs and data are stored in units called: A. fields B. files C. folders D. records E. sectors 30. This refers to all the various media on which a computer system can keep data. A. compilation B. registers C. storage D. virtual memory 31. A tape backup unit is a type of: A. random-access storage device B. read-only storage device C. sequential storage device D. volatile storage device E. non-volatile storage device 32. The description of an entire database structure is categorized as a: A. database management system B. flat file C. genetic algorithm D. heuristic E. schema 33. To access your bank account information, your bank must be able to go directly to your account, without going through record by record. This type of storage would be termed: A. direct-read B. random-access C. read/write D. sequential Page 5 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 34. When a floppy disk is formatted for use the circular magnetic bands are called: A. arms B. clusters C. tracks D. wedge 35. This characterizes the fourth generation of hardware development. A. digital video disk (DVD) B. high-level programming language C. Large-scale integration D. solid state technology 36. This is perhaps the least reliable storage medium in your computer system. A. Flash B. RAID C. RAM D. ROM 37. These storage devices have no moving parts, but instead consist only of semiconductors. A. DVD B. magneto-optical C. PC card D. solid state 38. This is a field of study that involves efforts to endow computers with the ability to understand the meaning of speech. A. artificial intelligence B. ergonomics C. linguistics D. Turing Testing 39. Monitor manufacturers usually state screen resolution by specifying the: A. amount of surface area B. amount of viewing area C. number of megabytes D. number of pixels E. width from corner to corner 40. To display a maximum of 16 colors, how many bits of data are required for each screen pixel? A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8 E. 16 Page 6 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 41. This led to the computer becoming a mass-marketed item. A. application software B. browser software C. GUI D. modem software 42. Normally, your account on a multiuser system consists of your user name, a home directory, and A. a home account B. a preemptive record C. a primary file D. your password 43. The process of working with two or more programs at once is called: A. multimanaging B. multiprocessing C. multisystem D. multitasking 44. This is a method of using the computer’s hard disk as an extension of RAM. A. expanded memory B. interrupt request C. multithreading D. virtual memory E. zero page addressing 45. These are specific instructions about a particular brand and model of input/output devices. A. device drivers B. device ports C. device readers D. device sockets 46. This refers to the process of transferring a document from the computer’s volatile memory to a nonvolatile storage device. A. formatting B. reassigning C. saving D. updating 47. The Internet works on this principle. A. analog-switching B. circuit-switching C. digital-switching D. packet-switching Page 7 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 48. ARPANET was initially restricted to A. military personnel B. MIT C. research scientists D. universities or research centers with U.S. Defense Department contracts 49. This is the most popular application on the Internet. A. chat rooms B. e-mail C. newsgroups D. world wide web 50. Lengthy, but frequently used data patterns, are replaced with a short code in A. encryption B. file compression C. hyperlinks D. online services 51. You can normally tell how a file was compressed by looking at the file’s A. attribute B. extension C. name D. size 52. The two most important Internet protocols are A. FTP and TCP/IP B. HTTP and FTP C. IRC and FTP D. TCP and IP 53. This is NOT an arithmetic operation. A. comparison B. division C. multiplication D. subtraction E. none of the above 54. The acronym HTML is short for: A. Hyper-Tag Machine Language B. Hyper-Tag Markup Language C. Hyper-Text Machine Language D. Hyper-Text Markup Language E. none of the above Page 8 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination The next 5 questions make reference to the following Internet Explorer Window: 55. Refer to D above: The part of this address which refers to the sub-domain is: A. ca B. cs C. htm D. www E. yorku 56. Refer to A above: Pick the line of HTML code that would have put this graphic on the screen: A. B. C. D. image=”YLogo.jpg” E. place YLogo graphic here 57. Refer to B above: Pick the line of HTML code that the designer would have used to turn “Alumni” into a link. A. Alumni B. /graduates/alumni.htm C. Alumni D. Alumni E. Alumni Page 9 of 20 CSE1520 Sample Final Examination 58. Refer to C above: Pick the line of HTML code that the designer would have used to create this line. A.
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