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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
Roger Lew

Name: , (last name) (first name) Student Number: Registered Section (if not this section): Instructor: Peter Cribb York University Faculty of Pure and Applied Science Department of Computer Science COSC1520.03 Introduction to Computer Use I Section B – Test 1 Friday October 24 , 1997 th Instructions: 1. This is an in class examination, therefore examination rules are in effect 2. Fill in the box at the top of this page, and print your name at the top of all other pages. 3. Answer ALL questions, in the space provided. 4. Time allowed is 45 minutes. 5. Use of calculators is NOT allowed. 6. There are 7 pages with 5 parts (A to E). Please count the pages and questions. Question Value Mark A. 8 B. 8 C. 8 D. 15 E. 11 Total: 1 Part A Circle the letter of the most correct answer. 1. A local area network typically spans a. one room b. one building c. one city block d. a large city e. a., b, or c. 2. A wide area network typically spans a. one city block b. a large city c. an entire country d. multiple countries e. b, c, or d 3. When an Internet packet is forwarded by an intermediate computer while on the way to its destination which two layers of the Internet software are used? a. network and transport b. application and link c. network and link d. transport and link e. application and network 4. Which layer of the Internet software adds the destination address to a packet? a. application b. network c. transport d. link e. browser 5. The binary code for the most negative integer that can be represented by an 8 bit 2s complement code is a. 0111 1111 b. 1111 1111 c. 1000 0000 d. 0000 0000 e. 1000 0001 6. The result of the binary addition 1011 + 111 is: a. 1122 b. 10000 c. 10010 d. 11100 e. 10100 7. The computer owes its flexibility to the fact that it is: a. complicated b. made up of a number of parts c. programmable d. an electronic device e. a computer is not flexible 8. Which task would disk storage not be used for a. storing a large spreadsheet b. storing e-mail messages c. storing a folder containing computer games d. storing a collection of computer programs e. storing a set of instructions that are about to be processed 2 Question B 1. [2] Write down the decimal value of the 8 bit unsigned integer 0101 1101. Show your working for full marks. 2. [2] If the ASCII code for the letter
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