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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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EECS 1520
Carl Wolfe

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Tutorial Participation #4  You are faced with two patients both requiring a bed in an intensive care unit: one is a 60-year old male who is an executive in a large company, married and with two grown children; the other is a 20-year old woman who is a crack cocaine addict. There is only one bed available and there is no hope of another bed for days. What criteria will you use to decide who gets the bed? If there is a situation when two people need a bed disregarding who they are or what their problem is, then rather than thinking who to give the bed one should think of a solution of how to give both of them beds. There shouldn’t be any partiality between a rich person or high-fi person and a poor or a drugs addicted person. Everybody should have the same right to get the treatment at the same fair amount of time as other does. If I was in that situation where I need to decided whether to give the bed to 60-year old male or a 20-year old woman I would have try
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