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EN 3176 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Yellow Kid, Understanding Comics, Krazy Kat

Course Code
EN 3176
Jordana Greenblatt
Study Guide

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Medium answers - choice of questions where two must be chosen
o 10 points each
o Write a substantive paragraph about McCloud’s sets or concepts and their
usefulness in understanding comics
o Four options of concepts or categories that was raised in lecture
Explain the concept/categories and why it’s useful in understanding
Essay - choice of questions where one must be chosen
o An argumentative and comparative arguments of two comics
o Comics from the late 19 and 20th century
o McCloud or any secondary articles to help further the argument but cannot be
used as one of the comparatives
Same for the animated cartoons
o Be able to refer to certain attributes to them
Aesthetically and thematically
o Remember some specifics
Ex; referring to the comic where Little Nemo gets dropped in the ocean
o Focus more on the comics than the readings
Little Nemo is very formulaic
o Compare McCay’s representation of children compared to the children in
o In Buster Brown and The Yellow Kid, the children are put into a realistic setting
with realistic consequences
A moral of the story
Teaching parents to raise your kids better than Buster Brown
Buster Brown is more of a character with set personalities
Chaos: triggered by the kid did or by someone else
Takes place in the real world, juxtaposing external chaos that
everyone experiences and the internal chaos of an individual,
such as Nemo - see Freud
o In Little Nemo, there are no consequences because it’s a dream world
The primary consequence is waking up
Nemo is an every man
Nemo is a step in for the audience
Chaos: caused in the dreams
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