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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Additional Terms OriginalityThe Waste Land is his very own use of tradition and reflecting back on his predecessors through an interplay between past and presentOur world is not devoid of predecessors There is always an awareness that comes before our own Romeo and Juliet Stories that came before Shakespeares renowned play Bandello and da Porto for example Also the whole speculation about plagiarism This is where intertextuality comes into play A good example of this is Eliots The Waste Land Complete originality in a work is impossible because we all live in a cultural and literary word that is interrelated and heterogeneous For example Eliot used a multitude of allusions and references in his work that ranged from Buddhas The Fire Sermon to Shakespeares Hamlet and The Tempest Also Ezra Pound edited a large portion of Eliots poemSource A site of knowledge information or comprehension that we can obtain conceptions from to apply to presentday textsAlmost every story can trace its origins to other literary constructions that precede a new workFor example Alex Haleys television series Roots uses the narratives of different Africans which appear to be a combination of both factual and fictional sourcesit is inverting the usual sources of African American historical narratives that were prevalent in the 20th century Instead it depicts the intimate perspective of African American history and the ways in which their vigorous ancestral profiles were displaced by the use of slavery in the world of Colonialism to expand empireThe reciprocal relationship between Alex Haley and Malcolm X is the essence of intertextuality Both sources of information coexist with each other and one would not be able to survive as wholeheartedly and compellingly without their intertextual collaborations Alex Haley would have never been able to produce the autobiography without Malcolms voice guidance and editing At the same Malcolm might not have been able to transform his life experience into a tangible creation through the typed words on Haleys transcripts They also used the following scholars
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