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Judith Deitch

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Part 2 What is intertextualityDefinition of IntertextualityIntertextuality is the interlocking of a collection of themes images symbols archetypes and plot structures within different texts and discoursesIntertextuality includes a wide spectrum of literary techniques and employments which can range from allusion adaptation medium collaboration metanarratives etc Recognizing intertextuality can facilitate with acquiring true comprehension about the essentiality of preceding literary works and the ways in which they influence the birth of new textual creations Thus intertextuality provides us with the realization that any source in literature can be traced back to literary works of the past The Death of the Author is a concept that relates to intertextuality because it reveals how there is really no such thing as an author when there are readers and other writers who influence them Literature isnt a void that can be given shape with new thoughts and words Instead it uses past and present forms of consciousness to produce a new literary creation but this would not be possible without the assistance of othersTypes of intertextualitySource studyentire textAllusionoAllusion is a reference to another literary work but without explicit identificationQuote precise wordsVariation of precise wordsEcho or vaguer referenceoAllusions serve to enhance the workExpand the range and scope without adding more words Main text is much larger reaching outwards to form connections with othersOther texts are imported into the workoSome allusions work by contrastIrony is created when the real meaning is not the surface meaningAllusions can be jarring out of place and undercut the main textoAllusions in TWL form an intertextual puzzle for the readerWhat are the implications of juxtaposing two texts in your mind How does source text impact at the point of readingoThe sheer number of allusions in the poem contributes to the feeling of fragmentationoThe Waste LandGenreAdaptation version reworkingoReworkto revise or rewrite oVersiona particular form or variant to somethingoGrendel An adaptation of BeowulfUses Grendels character in the epic to be the main character in the novel so we can get inside his headThe antagonist of the epic becomes a protagonist of the novel All the other characters come in Grendels perspective
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