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Exam Review - Part 1 (Keywords).docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Part 1 Keywords Week 1Romeo and Juliet before Shakespeare MasuccioPrehistory of the novelRomanceoRomeo and Juliet before ShakespeareRomance expense very little energy on setting only the barest references to rooms or spaceBalcony garden confessional Guiliettas roomEvery space is symbolicoNorthanger AbbeyNovellaoRomeo and Juliet before ShakespeareNarrativesto3rd person is not more objective than 1sto1 person implies complexities in retellingoomniscient is a problematic term narrators often play coy slip things in leave things out claim not to knowNarrators have a huge influence on how we judge charactersoNarrators have enormous influence on how we judge characters and narrative outcomes they are the filtering consciousness through which the whole novel is presentedoRomeo and Juliet before ShakespeareMassuciooGrendelnarrative sets up an automatic identification with the speakeroWe get the narrative from Grendels perspectiveStorychronological sequence of eventsPlotthe artful arrangement of those events with flashbacks backstory projections anticipationsoFictional NarrativeEpic BeowulfRomanceoNonfictional NarrativeHistoryBiographyAutobiographySettingoRepresented in detailed descriptions and profusion of material objects with emphasis on interiorsThings are mentioned in the stories if they have a role in the plotType of clothing Catherine is wearing etcoNovels are distinguished by detailed descriptive representation of setting including dress interiors everyday objectsoRomance expense very little energy on setting only the barest references to rooms or spaceBalcony garden confessional Guiliettas roomEvery space is symbolicoOnly essential objects presented with minimal descriptionPotion poison sword lettersEvery object described has a purpose in the plot and is symbolicServes a functionThe letters are not delivered lovers arent able to communicatePlotoCause and effect worked out in the plotwe can trace how certain events cause other events through motivations and responses of charactersoNovels are distinguished by an overarching plot with numerous subplots which are woven togetherEvery part is essential for understanding the whole integrated in an architecturePlot rises and falls building towards a series of climaxesoPlot is driven by cause and effect Emphasis on verisimilitude to life and the probability of character motiveswe call this realismoRomance plots driven by twists of fate shocking adversities coincidences often episodicoRomance plots are governed by fortune luck or chance occurrences and the ensuing reactions or effectsHighlights exceptional casesNot an everyday storyNot something everyone will experienceNovel focuses on average middleclass caseCharacteroIndividualized engaged in everyday experiences represented as having a consciousness interior life memory of the pastoNovels offer psychological depth many insights into how a character is feeling what theyre thinkingexperiencingInner life of character comes aliveRepresentation of consciousness Inside the mindEmotions are nuanced motives are developedLanguage is individualized in dialogueoRomance uses somewhat flat stock charactersBeautiful maidens noble youths obedient servants caring mothersNo interior monologues characters make speeches to themselvesEmotions are stark monotoneGrief is grief joy is joyOften extreme or clashUniform Weeping is a sign of griefHyperbolic they embraced a thousand timesSensationalist astonishment horroroRepresentations of human beingsWords thoughts actions interactions motivationsoGrendel
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