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Exam Review - Part 3 (Comparison Essay on Intertextuality: Possible Essay Topics).docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Part 3 Comparison Essay on Intertextuality1Here you will find a question asking you to compare Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet to Baz Lurhmanns film adaptation Romeo and JulietThesis IdeasOne could argue about Shakespeares and Luhrmanns utilization of humour in their creationsShakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Baz Lurhmanns film adaptation to Romeo and Juliet demonstrate the utilization of humour in their creationsoShakespeare uses characters like Mercutio and the Nurse to bring out the comical element of the playoThe humour in the play acts as a balance to the tragedy that already exists in the play oThe NurseHer manner of speaking she acts as a foil to JulietBrings out her unintentional humouroMercutioAlmost singlehandedly creates humour in the play through the use of punsThe puns were usually sexualoIn the film Mercutio was dressed up as a drag queenLurhmann plays on a Shakespearean deviceShakespeare often parodied or exposed the humour about men dressing up as women to play the role of women in theatre2Here you will find a question
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