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Rhetoric Final Exam Study Guide

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EN 1006
Rosita Georgieva

Final Exam Study GuideCourse ASEN 1007 Rhetoric An Historical IntroductionTerm Fall 2011 Rosita Georgieva Course Director Preparationy Reread Lecture 1 to refresh your memory about definitions of rhetoric and types of persuasion sketchoutline briefly your own understanding of them considering the knowledge you gathered in this course Questions to ask What were the rhetorical models strategies and techniques that you are most likely to remember and apply in the future and why From all rhetoricians we studied who was the ones whose theory or views of rhetoric you found closest to your owny Reread the last three lectures and tutorial notes as well as your portfolio 3 Questions to askWhat were the things that you will remember about WhatelyWhat were his views and principles about style and delivery Where could you apply his theory of evidenceWhat did you like and dislike in his works What did you learn about effective writing from the progymnasmata and which of the exercises appealed mostly to you and why Suggested Topics and Terms for StudyLecture 8Medieval Rhetoric and Education y increasing emphasis on style more advanced progymnasmata Progymnasmatay Definition a course of study through writing exercises used to teach students the techniques of composition and the art of persuasive speaking y Significance as a teaching method the potential to transform students in educated men armed with highly stylizedmeans of selfexpression and sound argumentation y Most famous texts and rhetoricianso TheonThe earliest exercises designed to train historians poets and oratorsStudents read Homer Euripides Demosthenes Aristotle Apelles Protogenes and Antiphiluso NicolausThe latest of all four texts a theoretical preface
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