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Definition page for Final exam

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EN 1006
Rosita Georgieva

DEFINITIONS PAGES thAttic school A rhetorical school that emerged in 5 BC Ballad A short narrative poem recounting a heroic act a particular episode in the life of the hero rather than a series of such events it is less ambitious and its language is less elevated than that of the epic Burden of Proof The attempt of the opposite side to prove ones guilt the burden of proof always lies with the one who accuses with the one who tries to prove a point Chirographic culture Writing has been introduced another term for literate culture Classical or Literary Latin A highly cultivated written language that differed significantly from ordinary spoken language Deduction A method of deriving conclusions by reasoning It moves from the general to the particular It uses syllogism on list and enthymeme on list Definition stasisA question of definition how to define the act Deliberative oratory Lessons in civic matters to support or oppose civic matters in the Assembly Electronic culture A popular use of electronic devices computers etc today in Canada we speak of people with computer illiteracy because there are not many people who lack basic computer knowledge Enthymeme A type of deductive argument similar to syllogism on list but shorter and more condensed an incomplete syllogism Often includes a statement and a reason for the statement Epic A long narrative poem retelling a series of heroic deeds of national religious or historical significance Ex The Iliad The Odyssey etc Epideicticceremonial oratory Employed in funeral occasions at fallen soldiers memorials or commemorations of public authorities Ex The Encomium of Helen Epimuthion A fable where the moral comes at the end after the story is told Ethos A speakers ability to persuade on the basis of his own characternecessary qualities like credibility responsibility morality untarnished reputation good credentials good credit history or clear criminal record Character of speaker Extrinsic ethosYou prove that you are reliable and trustworthy by evidence diplomas and certificates credentials awards letters of recommendation etcthings that are outside the way you see and present yourself and which you cannot control Fact Conjectural stasis The issue is a question of fact we try to establish a certain fact Formula A group of words which is regularly employed under the same metrical conditions to express a given essential idea
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