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EN 2608 Midterm 2 Practice Questions

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EN 2710
Tom Wilson

Noun Subclasses Verb Subclasses What can noun phrases function as? What are lexical verbs distinguished for? (FIVE Subcategories) What are the TWO types of nouns? Explain each subcategory. Which category can be further characterized? What other category can they be distinguished for? (TWO new subcategories) What do proper nouns refer to? What does a stative verb refer to? Provide a structural characteristic. What are two properties of a proper noun? Provide examples. What does a non-stative verb express? Provide a structural characteristic. What do count nouns refer to and what are their properties? What is the case when a state verb can be used non-statively? What do non-count nouns refer to and what are their properties? What are the patterns between transitivity and adverbials? What is an example of two different contexts of the same noun showing properties of both count and non-count nouns? HOMEWORK TYPE QUESTIONS: 1) Determine whether the verb is stative or non-stative, provide evidence. HOMEWORK TYPE QUESTIONS: 1) Identify whether following noun is count or non-count, give structural proof. Auxiliary Subclasses (review – not sure if on test) 2) Draw phase structure trees. (more practice) What are the FIVE types of auxiliaries? Adjective Subclasses What are the modals? What is the structural characteristic of a modal and auxiliary do? What can adjective phrases function as? What is the structural characteristic of auxiliary have and passive be? What are the FOUR types of adjectives? What is the structural characteristic of aspectual be? Where in a phrase does an attributive adjective occur? Draw a tree diagram of an auxiliary verb phrase. Where in a phrase does a predicative adjective occur? Function? Can all adjectives be used either attributively OR predicatively? Adverb Subclasses What do gradable adjectives denote? What are the properties? What do nongradable adjectives denote? What are restrictions? What can adverb phrases function as? What do central adverbs express? HOMEWORK TYPE QUESTIONS: What are the other subclasses of adverbs? What are the functions? 1) Indicate whether following adjective can be used attributively and/or Show an example of using an adverb in two different contexts/subclasses. predicatively. Provide example sentence. 2) What is odd about the word “certain”? HOMEWORK TYPE QUESTIONS: 3) Draw phase structure trees. (more practice) 1) State if the following type of adverb is correct Pronoun Subclasses (review – not sure if on test) Preposition Subclasses What are the TEN types of pronouns? What are the two categories of prepositions? What are each distinguished for? Provide examples. Explain the usage of each type of preposition. What are the personal pronouns? Discuss sentences with both DO and an intransitive preposition. Explain pronouns vs. possessive determiners. Draw a tree diag
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