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EN 3176 Final Exam Notes (Fall 2011)

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EN 3176
Christian Leveille

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EN 3176 Final Exam Notes Bimbos Initiation 1931Fleischer StudiosBetty Boop is a performer that is keenly aware of her audience and appears to be on stage no matter where she goes The surrealistic environment around Bimbo shows no easy way out of the Great Depression Only by enduring it there will surely be a reward for itSexual seduction from Betty towards Bimbo is introduced as pleasure and desire Snow White 1933Fleischer StudiosThe constant squiggling movement of Betty Boops body is displayed in conjunction with the background music Bettys struggle when tied to a tree with ropes symbolizes the helplessness of a typical Victorian era feminine culture The cartoon is not about sense and the storyline the music produces a message to thefeelings and themes of femininity about the typical fantasy life of Betty Boop This hallucination and surrealism in the world of Betty Boop creates a fluid stream oftime that never seems to end Dream imagery manipulates objects and setting of the cartoon to depict something else entirely The Fleischers abandoned reality and truth and instead looked to desire and emotion of the human soul to salvage sexual depictionsThe Hays Code in 1930 became a censorship regulation in America that distinguishes motion picture material displaying nude and nonnude materials To harsh regulation of societys unacceptable norms of sexual desire subliminal depiction continues to bypass the law and coexist in the backgroundA revolutionary example Betty Boop became an American idol sex symbol and a model of sexual behavior producing the joy of unlimited orgasm Betty Boop traumatizes the expectations of the fantasy and introduces surreal logical art
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