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EN 3177 Midterm Exam Notes (Winter 2012)

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EN 3177
Christian Leveille

EN 3177 Midterm Exam Notes Archie since 1939John L GoldwaterAmerican culture fixed itself on the middle class the normal and it was articulated in fantasylike depictions within the mainstream popular culture after World War II Suburban life was originally reserved for the wealthy and urban for the poor but the endof World War II and the GI Bill enabled middle classes to live in suburbs en massLevittown attempted to mass produce homes to look exactly identical to one anotherArchie promotes happiness of American life by introducing the readers to Riverdale a small beautiful and peaceful community filled with lively characters mostly teenagersTypical American suburbs and picket fences locates Riverdale nowhere in America but everywhere at the same time by featuring iconic symbols of American popular cultureArchie comics provide a distinct conservative view of American life and attempts to mock alternative lifestyles such as beatniks with beatific experience blissfully happy The squares and lames accepted the dominant culture while the beats rejected conformity and dominant paradigms of the time fashion and languagePop Culture was used not only as propaganda demonizing communism but it was also used as a social code for Americans to follow their patriotism for consumer desireCulture Industry Movies and radio need no longer pretend to be art The truth that they are just business is made into an ideology to justify the rubbish they deliberately produce They call themselves industries The Frankfurt School was concerned that the culture industry would continue to dominate the mind of AmericansArchie is living a dream life in the peaceful suburbs of Riverdale where news of war and disasters rarely reach the small and quaint town There is a normalcy to maintain in the
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