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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Peter Timmerman

Where Do We Stand with the Earth: What does this article talk about? How can you tie it into the first lecture? What does the image of the earth mean to you? What does the following quote mean? "whereas the planet has been the ground for the human population as figure; since Sputnik, the planet has become figure and the satellite surround has become the new ground.... Once it is contained within a human environment, Nature yields its primacy to Art" What is the figure-ground role reversal? How does this technological advancement change our perception of the earth? What is God's Eye View? What is the distinction between problems and mysteries? What is the difference between point source and non-point source pollutants? What are ontological assaults? What is the difference between shallow and deep ecologies? Gaia and the Earth System Who is Jim Lovelock? How did he propose using spectral analysis? What is the Gaia hypothesis? Is earth one big mechanism? Explore this quote from the reading: "Life is not just a visitor: it is woven deep into earth processes." What is the strength of the Gaia hypothesis? What are some of earth's cycles and processes? How are they impacted by human activities? Human Dimension 1 Some of these questions at the end of are tied into the next reading. I wanted to include them
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