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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Joel Goldberg

Test 1Section MJanuary 31 2014FOR POSTING BIOL 1000 Section MTest 1January 31 2014 Note Question and Answer Order Varied with Test Version1 VERSION QUESTION 2 In the phylogentic tree below which letter represents the ancestor common to only Archaea and Eukaryotic organisms D A CBA A B B C C D D 3 Research suggests that the endomembrane system likely evolved from the A Membrane of an engulfed bacterium B Nuclear membrane C Plasma membrane D Endoplasmic reticulum membrane4 Eukaryotic extranuclear DNA isA Not present in eukaryotes B Found in mitochondria C Found in the cytosol as plasmids D Found in the central vacuole 5 When compared to an eyespot what aspect of the pinhole eye permits finer directionality sensitivity A Eye cup B Photopigments C Lens D CorneaPage 1 of 5
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