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Environmental Studies
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ENVS 1000
Anita Lam

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ho2 What should Canadas response to Climate Change be beginning in the year 2013The research essay in this course should be from 1015 pages in length in a 12 point font and not excessively wide margins It must be referenced substantially and appropriately approximately 7 or more references for a research essay containing nonWeb page references and be original work5 factorsPopulation growth Economic activityEnergy conservationEnergy technologyLand useTemperature increases and other climate changes may directly impact our food and water supply ecosystems coasts and human healthWater decreasing water availability and increasing drought Ecosystemsincreased coral bleachingMitigation refers to reducing the scale of climate change primarily through reductions in greenhouse gas emissionsAdaptation refers to coping with and taking advantage of climate change often through location and impactspecific strategiesForestryTransportationElectricity wind power etcWaste managementReserch and Invvovation encourage RD of environment friendly technologyClimatechangeleadingpracticesbyprovincialandterritorialgovernmentsinCanadaOttawaOntCounciloftheFederationSecretariat2007PrinthttpsiteebrarycomliboculyorkdocDetailactiondocID10185107AdaptingtoclimatechangeCanadasfirstnationalengineeringvulnerabilityassessmentofpublicinfrastructureOttawaOntCanadianCouncilofProfessionalEngineers2008PrinthttpsiteebrarycomliboculyorkdocDetailactiondocID10425520
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