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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1500
Robin Metcalfe

Test 1 Section CVersion B Biol1000 Section C Test 1 Thursday Oct 6 2011 700pm745pm Instructor Dr Nicole Nivillac Your STUDENT NUMBER and NAME must be clearly indicated on this package and scantron sheet to receive a grade Your STUDENT NUMBER must also be BUBBLED CORRECTLY on the scantron sheet to receive a grade There are 25 Multiple Choice 1 mark each with one best answer per question and 1 short answer question worth a total of 3 marks The entire test is worth 28 marks ELECTRONIC AIDS eg calculators phones iPods etc are NOT PERMITTED Invigilators and instructors will immediately RELOCATE anyone or SUSPEND the examination for any individual suspected of ACADEMIC DISHONESTY PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN THE ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION ON THE SCANTRON BEFORE THE ALLOTTED TIME FOR THE TEST IS UP YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN EXTRA TIME TO DO SO If you finish the test before the allotted time then please raise your hand and an invigilator will come and collect your test GOOD LUCKLast name Version B First name B Student number Page 1 of 8
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