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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1800
Terry Conlin

weakness and Resilience Resilience refers to how far a system can be pushed and still bounce back to its old equilibrium Vulnerability refers to how much impact a given degree of disturbance will have on a systemVulnerability from Wound that is susceptical of injury exposed to damageOED What could happen to damage a systemResilience The capacity of a system to bounce back from stress borrowed from engineering Example old elastic band vs new elastic band1 The two terms are inverses A vulnerable system lacks resilience and a resilient system is not very vulnerable This is true to some extent vulnerability is bad while resilience is good 2 Resilience describes a limitpush the system up to this limit and it will always bounce back but push it just a bit farther and it will settle into a quite differentequilibrium3 VulnerabilityIn determining the vulnerability of a system you must consider both its ability to spring back from disturbance ie its resilience as well as its resistance to being disturbed Examples vulnerability are the aspects of a system most weak to an attackexample was that superman has kryptoniteresilience is how well a system can bounce back from stresssuch a tree swaying and not snapping due to windMonarch butterflymigration patterns being disturbedareas they stop to rest at are being taken downhuman interference and demolishing of natural areas took the area away from butterflies mt st helenslife find a wayafter eruption animals began to come out of hidingplants began to grow againshowed us that everything reverts back to life when left away from other inference such as human interference easter islandsisolatedpoor drainage and limited rainfallvery few animals or fish relied on imported domesticated crops and animalssweet potato was easy to grow and led to social structurecompeted to create easter islands headsdrained their wood resourcescaptain cook brought animals which ate the grass and they brought various diseases with them
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