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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

Suburbschap6Modern and Traditional CitiesTraditional cities walled inwards facing courtyard multiple extended families spatially dense transportation by animalsModern cities capitalist lands and property ownership nonanimal transportation automobile oriented planned to western rationalitySuburban modernitiesSuburbiaincreasing commoditization shopping economy places of transforming class identitiesEssence of modern suburb is physical social and spatial separation Suburb is spatially separate from city and each household spatially separated from the othersInternationalizing the SuburbImperialism had an impact on shaping of space and build form in colonies but also on Metropole at homeColonial improvement trusts influenced the ideas and policies in Utah and development Ex colonial administratorsManagers in Utah and developments colonies used as sources of cheap labor for example policyassisted migration from Britain to AustraliaAn example three spatial forms from other cultures to giving you meanings to suburban life the villa the veranda and the bungalow Villa came from Italy it was instrumental in spatially differentiating private from public by establishing suburban fly as site for cultivation of self through leisure instead of commerce and politics Made creation of a bourgeois consciousnessFor example downing wrote page 101 is that country house of a person of comepetenceOrwell sufficient to build it with taste andeleganceCottage s looked by family Villaat least three or more servingsVerandaoriginally from Spain and Portugal Imported via colonial roots from India An extension of the bourgeois Was large enoughStuffed with new consumer goods imported from eastern colonies lie in DR China Hong KongBungalowSinglestory suburban dwellingin country but not all country equally hybridize product of imperialism Page 103Old and new NeoligismsSuburb sub means under or below The city blast generic growth out of the city Today many cities have suburbs but also supraurbs Or globurbs Meaning forms and settlements on the outskirts of the city Origins I E economics social called you allgenerated blessed by developments inside the city and more by external forces beyond its boundaries Influences come from far either electronically or physically not through printed media
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