ENVS 1500 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Operating System, Computer Data Storage, Central Processing Unit

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Envs 1500 tutorial 1 notes delivery services. Novell ipx/spx and ibm systems network architecture: communications services within the operating system also provide the interface between the communication software and the os i/o control system that provides access to the network. Envs 1500 lecture 1 notes wireless networking. Introduction: microwave communication applications include large-scale internet backbone channels, direct satellite-to-ho(cid:373)e tele(cid:448)isio(cid:374), cellular telepho(cid:374)y, a(cid:374)d 8(cid:1004)(cid:1006). (cid:1005)(cid:1005) (cid:894)(cid:858)(cid:858)wi-fi(cid:859)(cid:859)(cid:895) (cid:449)ireless networking. Wi-fi is the standard: for longer ranges there are two contenders, wimax and cellular telephone technology, although as of this writing neither technology has achieved the standardization, degree of deployment, or use to determine its long-term success. Envs 1500 tutorial 2 notes security and protection services. Introduction: larger computers used for server applications often require the capability for additional growth and reliability to serve the needs of their clients, these capabilities are sometimes referred to as system scalability and fail-safe operation respectively.

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