ENVS 2100 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Consumerism, Dualism, Sensory Deprivation

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An individual is not smart, according to our culture. An individual is merely lucky to be a part of a system that has intelligence : we are playing god my manipulating nature. Leduc: a thanksgiving species; what does it mean to be human? (2012: giving thanks out of obligation rather than desire/for the experience. Lack of giving thanks to earthly entities that give us life (i. e nature: today"s consumerism life-style has left us unthankful, climate change causes us to slow down and do less . Land pyramid: details the worlds environmental ecosystem as a biotic circuit, and that any small change could affect everything. The land is not soil, but an unending flow of energy: human beings create different changes than evolutionary changes throughout time, and must shift their thinking to achieve a higher level of respect, sustainability, and unity.

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