Final Term Paper, Spatial Analysis on Crime Stats

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York University
Earth, Space Science and Engineering
ESSE 3600

YORK UNIVERSITY Crime Analysis at York UniversityKeele Campus EATS 3300 Final ReportPaloma DSilva Kirandeep Randhawa Elias Chaker 412013The purpose of this report is to provide a spatial analysis of crime statistics at York University Crime statistics for the year 2012 have been analyzed including sexual assaults general assaults and robberies using ArcGIS and have been correlated with safety parameters such as CCTV Cameras and emergency blue phones Based on data from this study recommendations have been generated in order to prevent and decrease the crime outbreaks on campus The study area has been explored in detail and an attempt to analyze crime statistics at the university has been performed Results from this study will be integral in installing additional safety measures2Table of ContentsIntroduction and Background3 Problem Statement and Objectives3 Problem Statement3 Objective s4 Study Area and Data Description4 Figure 1Map of York University4 Figure 2Campus Map of York University 6 Methodology6 Figure 3Crime density over Keele Campus for 20126 Figure 4 Blue Light phone locations on Keele Campus 7 Figure 5 CCTV location on Keele Campus8 Figure 6 Proximity buffers created around the CCTV cameras9 Figure 7 Buffers created around the blue light emergency phones10 Equation 110 Spatial AnalysisResults 10 Figure 8 Police stations in the GTA11 Figure 9Nearest Police Station to York University11 Figure 10Campus Map with Grid13 Conclusion14 Recommendations14 Work Breakdown by Team Members15 References16
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